Groezrock Kicked Some Serious Ass!


The past weekend 30,000 people travelled to Meerhout, Belgium for Groezrock festival, the number one Punk and Hardcore festival in Europe.  We hosted 1 of the 4 stages at this famous festival. 10 bands that played our stage won their slot through a band competition. This year the following bands got the opportunity to present themselves to their core audience; The Tramps, Still Bust, Fathoms, My Extraordinary, Kids Insane, The Ignored, Moments, River Jumpers, Shell Beach and the band that got the most votes and therefore won our killer competition came all the way from italy; Edward in Venice .

Headlining the Macbeth stage powered by Blackstar where long time Macbeth family bands, Chunk! No Captain Chunk!, INVSN, Blitz Kids & Bury Tomorrow.

This year was a tremendous success and we’d like to thank all the bands that came all the way to Belgium, you guys kicked ass!

Also we’d like to thank the Macbeth – Blackstar Amplification crew for working their balls off, Hans Maes the promotor of Groezrock and his colleagues, Paul Andrew Hewitt and his team of barbers for running the Macbeth Barbershop powered by Uppercut Deluxe, John Wood Cases for the flight cases, Marianne Harris for the awesome photos, Hubrecht, Laurens and Anton Gun for the videos , Pistonhead Lager for the beers and all our friends and bands for stopping by and hanging out in our backstage lounge area!

We are absolutely stoked!  Check out the photos and videos below.

Next up Slam Dunk Festival UK hope to see you all there!