• A Closer Look: Sneak Peak at Fall Drop 1

    Well, although the sun is shining and the summer weather is perfect here in San Diego, which I guess it always is, we are already getting you ready for Back to School and Fall! That's right, we like being ahead of the curve... so we decided to give you a sweet little glimpse at some of the great new shoes we have dropping in our first delivery of Fall next check these out and get your piggy banks ready. New shoes are right around the corner!



  • Ben Jarvis of The Wild Feathers: Notes from the Road Entry 7

    Day 23
    Salt Lake City UT to Moses Lake WA

    A flip was switched as soon as we left Idaho and crossed the border into Oregon. Shit went haywire in the sky. As the sun set around the green hills directly in front of us, it assaulted the clouds, which were many. There are names for clouds. Nimbus, cumulus. That's about all I know, but whatever their names, they were all there. Promenading in every color. Gunmetal grey juxtaposed with cotton candy pink. Marigold to aqua. It truly was wild, and although the hills and rivers were majestic in their own rights, they seemed humbled. Wild sky. Tamed country. You try and take a picture to remember it, or to send to a loved one, but it just doesn't capture it. Maybe my description is no different?

    The sun, as it always does, fared us well - stealing away with its color - draining the clouds and country. The hills graduated to mountains, Nick Drake sang to us about the things behind the sun, and the ensuing night hung ominously. The once colorful clouds turned black and watchful.

    There's something sad about watching the sun set in a new place,” said my passenger as I drove westward. I agreed. But I find it a comforting kind of sad. The way any ending can be. But what is a sunset an ending to? A day? A day is just a measurement. A finite. But it's also not. Like decimals in an integer, a day is a string of infinite moments. Like all the moments in witnessing a sunset. That's why I find it comforting and sad. It is an ending to something, but there is no real end.



    Day 24: Sasquatch Festival
    Moses Lake WA to The Gorge and back.

    After trekking 19 hours through the night after a show and all day the next day, we finally arrived at The Gorge in Quincy, Washington at 9am for the Sasquatch Festival. I've always wanted to go to the Sasquatch Fest, so getting to play it was wonderful.

    It was like playing a show in a postcard. Breathtaking views, to say the least. I've never been able to take in a view like that while playing the drums. Mishawaka was also incredible, but a difference is that most of the view there was behind me while I played, yet at the Gorge it was right in front of me. Though it was overcast and drizzly all day, it was still amazing.

    A couple of our dear, sweet friends from Boise were at the festival, and it was great seeing them again. Never a better day to dance in the rain.

    Some music I got to see: Cody Chestnutt, Ryan Bingham, Elliot Brood, Dirty Projectors, Death Grips, The Lumineers, Alt-J, Toro Y Moi, Ariel Pink.


    Day 25
    Moses WA to Sandpoint ID to Missoula MT

    If playing a show at the Gorge was playing in a postcard, then the drive from Sandpoint, Idaho to Missoula, Montana was driving in a postcard. For a few hours.

    We left Moses Lake, WA early to make a radio appearance in Sandpoint, ID. At times on that drive I felt like I was in David Lynch's fictional town of Twin Peaks.

    Montana is the real deal. I've always heard people say that Montana is beautiful, and now I believe them. It was hours of nonstop amazing scenery. We drove through and around national forests with names like Kaniksu, Kootenai, and Lolo. Right along the Clark Fork River. A truly memorable drive. Thankful to finally see Montana.

    Turns out, video poker and Keno are kosher in Montanan. And wouldn't you know it, our hotel had some machines in the hotel bar. Also, Ryan Bingham and his crew were staying at the same hotel. So I spent my night off getting hammered and playing video poker with some dudes, and it was great. I broke even.



    Day 26
    Missoula MT

    The Wilma Theater is a cozy, rustic feeling venue. There was standing room in front of the stage, with seats beyond that and seats in the balcony. We walked out on stage to a sea of blackness. No one was standing, they were all in the seats. After a couple of songs, one of us subtly requested to the audience that they come to the front in the standing area. It seems like that rarely works. The people usually just kind of ignore and then it feels awkward. This time, however, they listened. The standing room filled up immediately with some rambunctious Missoula folks. They got loud, too. Beautiful crowd, great show.

    After the show, I wandered around Missoula by myself, since the hotel was right downtown and in walking distance of the venue. I ran into a couple of dudes from the Bingham crew on the streets, so we hopped in a bar. I believe it was called Stockman's, but I may be way off there. What I do know for sure was they had a poker game going in the back of the bar. I played pretty commandingly for most of the night. Until the very end. Sometimes you can control the table all night, but your empire can crumble by getting edged out in one hand. Should've quit while I was ahead. No, I don't mean that.



    Go to The Wild Feather's website now and see when they will be near you soon. Catch up on Ben Jarvis' last entry here!

  • The Front Bottoms: Notes from the Road Entry 2

    The Tropical Storm didn't mess anything up for us, just made loading in wet.  Big Boi was suppose to be playing in the same venue as us, but he had to reschedule. Some Big Boi fans that weren't aware of him canceling were very confused by The Front Bottoms. We stayed with our friend Chris Brown at our favorite house in St. Augustine on our way to Orlando.

    Orlando was great, before the Wills Pub show we were lucky to play at Park Ave Records.  Tom was crying because of a hot pepper he ate later that day and after the show we got to have a small pool party with The Menzingers, then started our drive to Atlanta. Thank you to everyone that came out at 3 to hang out at Park Ave Records and everyone who came to the show later that night.

    Atlanta….Where the players play…Very true. In the short period of time we spent in the city we made the most of it. We met up with our friend Andy Hull who we had toured with in the past. The show was a blast and we discovered Champagne Jam when we searched Atlanta in spotify.

    We had the next day off to drive from Atlanta to Houston so we stopped in New Orleans and played another record store. Which was finished by 4, so we had a entire night in New Orleans ahead of us. We walked around a bunch, did laundry, met up with Say Anything and Donovan Wolfington. Saw all we could see.

    Houston was another quick day for us. We had only played Houston once before so it was really great to have so many people come out for the night and party with us. Since we had just spent a lot of time in Austin recording Talon of The Hawk we were all eager to get out there and stay with Donnie and Frenchie (produced Talon of the Hawk) for two nights. It felt like coming back home. The Mohawk was so much fun! Just really killed my buzz when someone jacked our banner after the set.

    This tour has been so much fun for all of us. We can't thank everyone enough for making this the best summer we could ask for. Chilling in El Paso with Weatherbox tonight. We're going to get wild.




    Be sure to catch The Front Bottoms on tour now! And catch up on their last entry here!

  • Macbeth X Kelsey Brookes Spotify Playlist!

    Kelsey Brookes is one of Tom's personal favorite artists. Not only is he a rad and eccentric dude, he is also becoming one of the most well-known and innovative artists of our time. Kelsey worked as a trained scientist for years, and you can see this experience spill into and guide his intricate and colorful works. Get ready to be amazed. Check out his work at his website and listen to the tunes that help him through his hours of relentless and beautiful work! His work and dedication is an inspiration to all of us at the office.

  • Ben Jarvis of The Wild Feathers: Notes from the Road Entry 6

    Day 18: Brekkies
    Tupelo MS to Fayetteville AR

    I think I'm to the point where I could pick out Holiday Inn's coffee in a blind taste test.

    It's a very rare day if I do not rise in time for the free hotel breakfast. Or even a not free breakfast - I wake up to ensure myself something decent to eat before we hit the road again. I hit brekkies everyday (abbreviation for breakfast).

    I try and find some excitement in the mystery of brekkies every morning. What will they have? Real eggs or the weird watery ones that seem fake? Decent fruit selection?? Brekkies mystery? Yeah, it's the small things. At Holiday Inns, they have this little machine that makes pancakes. You just press a button and this little robot pops out hot pancakes for you. I've never tried the robot pancakes. Perhaps if it bleeped and booped like a real robot I would try it. Better yet, if it talked in that creepy old robot voice that the Speak & Spell had.

    Yes, every morning I look forward to what brekkies will hold and how it could separate itself from the previous brekkies. Much like breakfast at home, only in an opposite way. At home, you look forward to having a morning with your lover, or pets, or alone but surrounded by the artifacts that define a home. Your home. If you don't have a home, you perhaps try and make one for yourself at your own brekkies - that is different every morning. And maybe I've put too much thought into brekkies. But it is the most important meal of the day. So there.


    Day 19: More Morning Thoughts
    Fayetteville AR to St. Louis MO

    When I was new to this, I would snap awake in the mornings and ask myself where the hell am I. I know I'm in a hotel, but where on the map. Now I wake everyday with the thought of I don't know where I am, but it will come to me. Not in St. Louis, that's where I'm going. Not in Mississippi, that's where I came from. Not in LA, not even going there this tour. Ah, Fayetteville, Arkansas. At first, it was scary not knowing every single morning, but I've learned to live with it and just let the answer come whenever it does.

    However, what is scary is when you partially wake up way too early in the morning, and in your halfsleep start freaking out because you don't know what time you leave and you've overslept and fucked up the entire schedule for the day! Shit! Should I call the tour manager? No, it's 4:30am and we leave at 10, go back to sleep, asshole.

    Then, whenever you're home, the first morning thought is what time are we leaving? I don't know where we're going! No one told me what time we are leaving! Of course they didn't, because there is no show today. You're home and don't have to leave. And that's when you start to wonder if your home is your home or just another place you pass through, just like everywhere else.


    Day 20: It Takes a Long Drive to Think About Drive
    St. Louis MO to Denver CO

    Not exactly sure how long the drive from St. Louis to Denver is. But we'll just go ahead and call it “all day” and we'll get there when we get there. It's actually about a 14 or 15 hour drive. At the moment of writing this, we're about 12 hours in, and oddly enough I do not feel overly stupid or about to crack.

    I did just have a moment listening to some music, though. Something on Facebook today reminded me of my old band, Oblio. Tonight I went back and listened to the last record we made made. That was about 4 and a half years ago when we recorded it. It was not merely nostalgic value that got me feeling sentimental. Nor was it thinking about how much I and my life have changed since then. Simply, I was moved listening to it because of how much I enjoyed listening to it.

    We slaved making that record. Labored and mulled over every single piece of it. I tortured myself over every single drum note. Months, years trying to get the perfect drum parts. When the record was finished, I was happy with it. Kind of. I was always thinking it was never good enough. We weren't good enough or trying hard enough or doing anything enough. Maybe that's my personality. Never satisfied, never arriving. Maybe at the time I was too wrapped up in wanting to be so fucking good that I never realized how good we were. Listening to it tonight, I was blown away. Every single piece of it resonated with me like I always wanted it to. Holy shit, that's ME playing drums?! It was as if I'd never even heard or thought about the lyrics before - as they are all so thoughtful and relatable, touching and brilliant.

    I'm still trying to garner a lesson here. I'm sure there is one, but I don't see it yet. Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on myself. But wouldn't that result in complacency? So how do you balance the drive to succeed and to get better while still enjoying the fruits of your labor? Ambition is a heavy, heavy burden. Yet you're nowhere without it. At the same time, why try and create something if you cannot step back from it after giving it your all and say “fuck yeah!” Maybe it's wiser to allow yourself to be pleased before worrying about fulfilling some sort of counterfeit expectation thrust upon you from makeshift social norms and/or business models - and therein lies the self-preservation you need to grow.

    And maybe I should have listened to my dear friend Terry Price (the voice of Oblio) when he sang “Absence makes it hard for understanding to shine through. Come on, show some heart. I still love you. We've got the limbs and trees, the ways and means.”


    Day 21
    Denver CO to Boulder CO

    Little treats are nice. Unexpected treats. After hitting a morning radio appearance in Denver, we had a good chunk of the day to kill in Boulder. The tiny pockets of Boulder I saw we're wonderful. I ventured out on a run to get some exercise in. I usually hit up whatever hotel fitness facilities there are for exercise, unless it is very good weather coupled with at least somewhat decent scenery. I'll be damned if I didn't have both today.

    The treat was a trail I randomly happened upon. As I was running, I took a turn off the main road to check out what one of these Boulder neighborhoods was like. And in doing so I came to a trailhead that led up the mountain. I did not have the time or energy to go to the top of the mountain, but I no doubt enjoyed the green fields and the myriad wildflowers. The sleepy creek cutting through rocks. The green mountain next to me reaching for the wispy clouds.

    A little treat, to find that. A mini vacation.


    Day 22: Mishawaka
    Boulder CO to Bellvue CO to Salt Lake City UT

    Stapled to the banks of the Poudre River in the Poudre Canyon is the Mishawaka Amphitheater. It's in Bellvue, Colorado, but everyone there claims Bellvue is so tiny and therefore say it is in Fort Collins. I have to say, the Mishawaka Amphitheater is my favorite outdoor venue I've ever been to, much less played. Maybe that will change when we hit the Gorge, but for now it's Mishawaka.

    The term amphitheater seems somewhat of an overstatement, however. It's more like a wooden shed with a stage in it next to a bar patio/deck. Fortunately enough, the stage sits literally right onthe river bank and the deck stretches out over the river. There is no bank on the other side of the river. Rather, an enormous green mountain springs right out of the Poudre River. Another mountain of equal size towers on our side of the river, obviously, completing the mighty Poudre Canyon. The standing area at the amphitheater to watch the show is meager, yet they still managed to sardine 700 and something folks in there.

    The show was a blast. I feel like we hooked the crowd instantly. Lots of dancing. Lots of screaming. Too bad we had to hit the road immediately after playing. It was definitely a crowd you wanted to cut loose with and an environment that you wish you could live in.

    So we gotta hit the road, aiming for Salt Lake City to spend the night, so we'll have enough time to make it to the Sasquatch Festival in Washington.



    Make sure to see The Wild Feathers before their tour is over! Make sure you check out all of Ben Jarvis's awesome entries. You can see his last one here! and be sure to read all the rest too.

  • The Front Bottoms: Notes from the Road

    I don't think any of us could have asked for a better way to start off this tour, with a bag full cookies from Tom's mother, and two sold out Maxwells shows. This would be the first time playing the new songs live, so everyone in the band couldn't wait for tour to begin.

    We also had some great bands on the two Maxwells dates. Friends in The Everymen, Youngman Grand, Brian Bonz, and Weatherbox. We're glad we got to play there again because Maxwells will be closing at the end of July, and those two shows were the greatest way to say goodbye.

    The Black Cat in D.C was our next stop. Going into this show knowing it was sold out was blowing our minds because the first time we played D.C it was in this vacant building that squatters started putting on shows. That night ended with Brian getting punched in the face by one of them. So this time around things seems way better for us and it was. The show was super super hot but everyone was able to have fun.

    We had the next day off before playing Norfolk VA. So we got a room in Virgina Beach, played 3D glow in the dark mini golf, did some night swimming, skated around, and had some pleasant motel room neighbors who didn't seem to want us around. The show at the Jewish Mother the next day was great. It was nice to see some friends from past shows and catch up with them. It was also Brian's birthday so we had a party at that show.

    To quote or favorite pizza man at our favorite pizza place in Chapel hill (right next to the venue) "Mommma Mia! That's a spicy meatball!" I think all the times we have played at the Local 506 we find ourselves eating in their restaurant. Mostly for the entertainment, and cheap pitcher of beer. We can all agree on the fact that this was the best show we have had in Chapel Hill yet. Thanks to everyone who came out. Especially Magic Mike for the leaving us speechless.
    Now we are 7 hours in to our ride to Jacksonville Florida. There's a tropical storm warning as well as a tornado warning but it's not going to stop us. Unless of course there's no power.








    Be sure to check out The Front Bottoms on tour now!

  • A Closer Look: The McQueen Black/White Mesh

    What is breathable and easy to put on and take off? What goes with almost any outfit and is perfect for summer? What can help your feet not stink? Well, that would be the new Summer McQueen in Black/White Mesh. This slip-on is comfy and just happens to be our very own musical prodigy, Ilan Rubin's, go-to while he is traveling the world, whether it is with The New Regime, Nine Inch Nails, Paramore, or Angels and Airwaves. Take a closer look at these beauties and grab a pair now!




  • Garage Party! Why? Just Because We Want To...

    We are super excited to announce a killer Garage Party at the Macbeth Flagship Boutique on June 15th! There will be a live performance by red-hot up-and-comers Night Riots, afterhours tunes and James Coffee Co tasting by David Kennedy, and meet n greet with our fearless leader Tom DeLonge! If you spend over $100 at our Encinitas Boutique between now and the event, hold on to your receipt and you will get priority in line at the Meet and Greet! There are limited spots available so hurry.... this is gonna be a super fun event with great music, rad people, our new line on display and tasty caffeine to full your dancing feet! Come hang with the Macbeth crew!

  • Ben Jarvis of The Wild Feathers: Notes from the Road Entry 5

    Day 14
    Atlanta GA to Philadelphia PA

    We took a flight early this morning from Atlanta to Philly to play the WXPN NonComm convention. Arguably the biggest AAA radio music convention hosted by the biggest AAA station in the country. Two of the feathers did not make the flight, got rerouted, and did not arrive at the venue until mere minutes before we had to play. It was very nerve-racking, but we were all confident it would work out. And it did. And we blew the roof off the motherfucker. Made a real impression on the radio big wigs. The heart of the feathers.

    Speaking of heart... The three of us that made it to Philly on time got to do a little sightseeing, including something I've always wanted to do: run up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art like Rocky. I've always loved Rocky. As a young child, I had boxing gloves and a mouthpiece. Some mornings I'd wake up and “train.” Yes, I did try drinking raw eggs. Yes, I did tell people to call me Rocky. And yes, I did manage to somehow knock my own tooth out shadow boxing. Maybe a story for another day? As an adult the Rocky story started to actually mean something to me. Now, after joining this band, it means even more. After my last band broke up and I worked a day job for a couple of years, I started feeling like all my chances at doing what I'd always wanted to do (play music as a career) had passed me by. I was getting older and it just was not going to happen, and I was accepting that. Then one day out of the blue I got a call, telling me I had another shot at the title.So that's why I've started drinking raw eggs again. Just kidding.


    Day 15
    Philadelphia PA to Atlanta GA to Loxley AL

    By some fun and twist of fate, a few of us got bumped up to first class on our flight from Philly to Atlanta. None of us had planned on drinking on the flight, but, well, you can't NOT when you're jamming first class.

    The show at Centerstage in Atlanta was probably the best show we've had so far. The crowd was rambunctious and immediately sold on us. We played with some extra fire. An speaking of sold, people bought a lot of merch. Some of my family was there, so things were wild. It probably would have been more wild, but we had to leave very soon after our set.We have to be in Gulf Shores, AL tomorrow morning at 9am to load in for our Hangout Fest set tomorrow afternoon. I'm driving us through the night to get to Loxley, AL, where we'll stop for about 3 hours in a hotel and then drive about another hour tomorrow morning. Good thing I've got plenty of good night jams to listen to. 

    Day 16: Hangout Fest
    Loxley AL to Gulf Shores AL

    After sleeping maybe 2 and a half hours, and a short drive from Loxley, the Wild Feathers van and trailer arrived at Hangout Fest in Gulf Shores. I've never played a music festival like Hangout. Much less attended a multiple day music fest of that magnitude. Hangout is a little different from other music festivals in that it takes place on the beach. Literally. Needless to say, a very exciting moment for me, despite being supremely unrested and having the 12:15 time slot on the smallest stage.

    We absolutely slayed. Time and stage be damned. The crowd was decently sized, but they were lively and dancy and sweated it out in the sun with us. Immediately after our set was a whirlwind of interviews and acoustic performances that lasted for well into late afternoon. Most of the time, I did not even know who was interviewing us. We just kept answering questions. Someone did offer me a tiny piece of chocolate to eat that did make me feel a little giggly and goofy for a bit. I think that resulted in one of the most fun acoustic radio performance I've ever had. So then it's time to get a little weird!

    Hanging out at Hangout. Some times were wild, but some were also relaxing. There was an exclusive artist area that was very nice that included a private artist beach. Basically you had the choice to party your ass off or relax by the beach, which I will say is a great set of options. I watched Stevie Wonder close out the festival from the main stage. And I cannot really say if he put on an amazing show or not but I can say I had a blast dancing with my feet in the sand.



    Day 17
    Gulf Shores AL to Tupelo MS

    There were cornhole boards set up at the back patio area of the tiny venue we played, The Blue Canoe. Taylor and I held a commanding lead over Ricky and Joel for most of the game. Yet somehow they came back and beat us. I don't know how it happened but it was a tough loss. Can't even write...



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  • MItch Crews Kills It in Japan

    Macbeth had an epic weekend in the water, Mitch Crews killed it in Japan and won the Quiksilver Open Japan (including getting a 19.60 out of a possible 20 in one of his heats).
    Here's a clip of Mitch Crews surfing at his home in Australia to celebrate.


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