• PUP's Excellent Tour Adventure Vol. 2

    Wowow. These last few weeks have been crazier than we could have ever expected. Leaving Canada and heading into the States for our first-ever headline tour was a nerve-wracking endeavour to say the least... We hit Seattle, where legalized marijuana is in full flight, and had a great time. We think. Probably. We continued through Portland and into one our favourite states in America (and the home of Macbeth): California. In San Francisco, we met up with our pals Hard Girls and Mini-Death (Tess from Macbeth's band!) - both rad bands that you should totally check out if you haven't already. San Francisco was in party mode 'cause the Giants has just won the NLCS (eventually winning the World Series a few weeks later) and it was cool to revel with people. There was whiskey and lego involved. Zack, Somewhere at a Walmart in Northern Cali From San Diego, we drove to LA through all those weird factory farms on I-5. LA is the home of our amazing record label SideOneDummy and it's always rad to hangout with them because we always end up eating too much pizza. Stefan in the S1D parking lot, presumably after too much pizza & beer. From LA, we headed inland to Temecula, CA to play an all-ages house show. We will play houses and garages whenever we can - that shit is still SO. MUCH. FUN. From there, we hit San Diego - where we got some sweet new kicks from Macbeth - and got to hangout with Tess and her dog Creature and those smelly ass seals that totally took over the bay. We also played the legendary home venue of Swami Records, The Casbah. These guys smell bad. From San Diego, we headed into the desert. A quick stop in Phoenix and then off to Texas where we met more dogs (aka the best part of touring). Faust, the doberman puppy, hanging at the Three Links in Dallas. Steve and Ernie - Austin, TX - guess who the drunk one taking the selfie is? From Texas, we headed to New Orleans where we spent two days with the Hard Girls and daiquiris. Morgan from Hard Girls drinking a "Shark Attack" while Nestor is a creep - Bourbon St. NOLA Non-alcoholic hand grenades, obviously... From NOLA, it was onto our inaugural FEST in Gainesville and five days in Florida. But more on that next time...
  • #WeRemember Video Series from Our Friends in Singapore

    For those of you who don't know, Macbeth is a Global company and we have great partners all around the world... we love being able to share their worlds with everyone! Take a glimpse into Singapore. Being in Singapore we live in a extremely fast paced environment that is constantly changing and developing. So much focus is placed on speed, efficiency and progress that we sometimes fail remember the past. In this video we pay tribute to some childhood games we used to play before iPhones and tablets came about. The scenes take place in a typical public housing estate community Void Deck in Singapore where 80% of the population live. We gathered some of our bands to play some the old classic games and had a wild time. We released this video in conjunction with our nation’s birthday in 2013.
  • Down Under with Mitch Revs

    Have a little peak into the life of artist Mitch Revs in the first of our video series covering our Australian ambassadors.
  • Night Riot's New Video is say the least!

    Just in time for the spookiness of Halloween, our golden children Night Riots just dropped this new haunting video, and it is already going viral! Watch, enjoy, get those bones moving, and share with your friends.
  • PUP's Excellent Tour Adventure Vol. 1

    We love hearing about times on the road - it really is what we live for - Life on the Road in one way or another. So we are happy to bring you a series of tour blogs by new Family members PUP while they venture across North America for the next month or so... Enjoy! Our first-ever North American headline tour started in Minneapolis - one of America's most Canadian cities. People there like to drink. We ended up at Grumpy's Bar doing 2.5oz shots and ensuring that day two of the tour would start with a blinding hangover. And in the shadow of a big fake giraffe. Giraffe House Northeast Minneapolis Pickle-in-a-bag North Dakota From Minneapolis, we headed north back into Canada for our first show in Winnipeg, MB in over a year. We played a run-down hotel bar called The Windsor with hourly rooms upstairs. While loading in, we saw a guy picking up cigarette butts, checking the parking meters for change, and picking beer cans out of the trash - all the while having a lively conversation on a cellphone - before heading upstairs to the rooms. Left-handed Robert Johnson (he was right-handed) The Windsor Hotel Winnipeg, MB Touring in Canada is amazing because there is a ton of natural beauty but holy shit are the drives long. From Winnipeg, we headed to Saskatoon, SK - a healthy 9 hour drive - to play a show at a weird texmex venue called Amigo's. It was the first time we've ever played Saskatoon where there hasn't been a foot of snow on the ground. Thousands of seagulls wading in a prairie pond somewhere outside of Saskatoon, SK. Saskatoon to Calgary is another eight hours in the van. However the show made up for all van cabin fever. It's been a full year since we played the Canadian provinces east of our home province Ontario, and the crowds were rabid. Smashed beer, blood, sweat, and singalongs were the themes of Calgary's show. We played the Up + Downtown Music Festival in Edmonton, AB where we ran into our Toronto pals The Darcys. From Edmonton, we headed through Jasper National Park into the Rocky Mountains. Sometimes driving through the mountains, you see virtually no wildlife; other times, you see a buck, a few rams, a beaver, and a moose. Can you think of anything more Canadian!? Canadian Thanksgiving happens in October, so we found a Nando's in Kamloops, BC (our favourite UK restaurant) and had a nice dinner of roast chicken. Monday night was Vancouver and we got shitfaced, plain and simple. There are no photos. It was pure drinking. So that's week one! More to come!
  • PUP Hits the Road

    We are excited to announce that Canadian Family members PUP will be hitting the road in North America for the "Everything Gets Worse" tour! Starts soon so mark your calendar and make sure you don't miss them. Hands down, one of the best live shows out there. Fuck yeah, Merica! Get ready.
  • Zooming Around the World with Daniel Ricciardo!

    Congratulations Daniel on 3rd place  in Sunday's Singapore Grand Prix. We hope for wins at every race, but 3rd is a great finish. Next up in Japan in less then two weeks.
  • Violent Soho Premiere "Dope Calypso" !!!

    We are on a roll with great video premieres over here! And are super excited to bring you Violent Soho's here right meow... In just a few weeks, Australia’s Violent Soho will see the U.S. release of their groundbreaking new album Hungry Ghost through SideOneDummy Records on September 30. The undeniable grunge gods have unleashed several new songs from the record and today they share one more— “Dope Calypso,” the slow burner intro track off Hungry Ghost, sets the stage for the record with its hypnotic grooves, lush guitar tones and droney melodies. Check out this rad new video now! Violent Soho - Dope Calypso (Official Video) from SideOneDummy on Vimeo. Produced by Bryce Moorhead (“the Steve Albini of Brisbane”), the songs that wound up on Hungry Ghost (originally released by IOHYOU in Australia) are bound to excite the masses here in the states, too. Whether it's the throat-tearing chorus of "Covered in Chrome" or the rhythm-rich earworm "Saramona Said", the album is loaded with unforgettable hooks and sing-a-longs worthy of rock's gnarliest moments from down under. Check out all the other greatness they have going on at their Instagram and Twitter! And keep your ears open for their new album Hungry Ghost landing 9/30!  
  • Tiny Moving Parts Release "Always Focused" Video Along with New Album!

    While we were in the whirlwind of SXSW in March in good ol' Austin Texas, we fell in love...with Tiny Moving Parts. They played our Charlies Says Fest and blew us away. Not only are they rippers, they also are the raddest dudes. Ever. So we are happy to present to you their new video for Always Focused! Feast your eyes and ears on this epic video and then head over to get their brand new album that is dropping TODAY! Check them out on tour and be sure to attend the parties we are throwing together for their record release on September 27th and 28th. Be there or be square!
    Tour dates:
    09/10 - Dearborn, MI @ Dearborn Music (FREE IN-STORE)
    09/11 - Chicago, IL @ Reckless Records (FREE IN-STORE)
    09/13 - Toledo, OH @ The Main Event Music Fest
    09/14 - Chicago, IL @ Riot Fest
    09/16 - Lincoln, NE @ Vega #
    09/19 - Denver, CO @ Riot Fest
    09/23 - Kansas City, MO @ Record Bar #
    09/24 - Bloomington, IN @ The Bishop #
    09/27 - Fargo, ND @ The Aquarium (ALBUM RELEASE SHOW)
    09/28 - Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock (ALBUM RELEASE SHOW)
    10/17 - Lansing, MI @ Mac’s Bar +
    10/18 - Toronto, ON @ Hard Luck +
    10/19 - Buffalo, NY @ Waiting Room +
    10/20 - New York, NY @ The Studio at Webster Hall +
    10/22 - Allston, MA @ Great Scott +
    10/23 - Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church +
    10/24 - Washington, DC @ DC9 +
    10/25 - Raleigh, NC @ Kings +
    10/26 - Columbia, SC @ New Brookland Tavern +
    10/27 - Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade +
    10/29 - Tampa, FL @ Pre-Fest 2
    10/31 - Gainesville, FL @ The Fest 13
    11/03 - Houston, TX @ Fitzgerald’s Downstairs +
    11/04 - Austin, TX @ Mohawk +
    11/05 - Dallas, TX @ Gas Monkey +
    11/07 - Tucson, AZ @ Gary’s Place +
    11/08 - Scottsdale, AZ @ Pub Rock Live +
    11/09 - Camarillo, CA @ Rock City Studios +
    11/10 - Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction +
    11/11 - Los Angeles, CA @ EchoPlex +
    11/12 - San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of The Hill +
    11/14 - Portland, OR @ Slabtown +
    11/15 - Seattle, WA @ Vera Project +
    11/17 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court +
    # w/ The Menzingers
    + w/ Dads
  • Zooming Around the World with Daniel Ricciardo

    Congratulations to Daniel Ricciardo. Of all the racing drivers in the world, yesterday he was awarded the coveted Lorenzo Bandini Trophy for the driver who has impressed with speed, on-track achievements, character and approach to the sport. Every F1 world champion for the last 15 years have won this award, many prior to winning the world championship.
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