• Spring 2011 Studio Projects: Sneak Peek #4

    Its day 4 of our sneak peek series. This guys and shoe is one of my personal favorites in the Spring 2011 line. Who do you think it is? Head to our official Facebook page and tell us!

  • Spring 2011 Studio Projects: Sneak Peek #3

    Here it is day three of of our 5 Days Of Sneak Peeks- Lots of wild guesses have been made, some hot and some way cold.... Stay tuned for details on how to win a pair from each artist...

  • Spring 2011 Studio Projects: Sneak Peek #2

    Here is the second teaser image from our series of 5 clues to who our 5 Spring 2011 Studio Project artist are. Head to our official Facebook page and tell us who you think this one is....

  • 5 Days of Sneak Peeks

    Ladies and gentlemen- This week we will be releasing some teasers for our Spring 2011 Studio Projects. Check back daily for updates. Think you know who they are?

  • Macbeth Music: Switchfoot, BMTH, The Dear & Departed and more…

    First up, a big congratulations is in order for Swithfoot. They have been part of the Macbeth family from the start and this week they were nominated for a Grammy for their record Hello Hurricane. Check out this video of them performing Your Love Is A Song last month on the Jay Leno Show.


     This week saw video releases from UK metalcore giants, Bring Me The Horizon and Architects. Architects released their video for Day In Day Out taken from their upcoming second full-length album entitled The Here And Now, which is out on January 25th.  The sound is a departure from their last record but we are diggin’ it – its definitely worth checking out.


     Bring Me The Horizon’s video for Anthem, is their second single from their latest record There Is a Hell... The band recently announced a UK tour with Architects and Parkway Drive next April, visit their Myspace for more details.

     The Dear & Departed recently released a video for their track Matter Of Time which gives us guys a lesson in what not to do on a date. Keep a look out for a new record from them and a new Studio Project from Dan Smith next year!

     Free Music:

    This week I stumbled upon some free music in the internet world which I recommend you check out.

    If you love hip hop then head on over to and download the Thankful mixtape which consists of some of the best tracks from the golden 90’s era of hip hop.

    Secondly, this week Girl Talk released a new album called All Day, which is a sick mash up of tons of classic tracks from the likes of Jay-Z, Black Sabbath, M.I.A, Ramones and Fugazi. If you’re planning on having a house party this holiday season but don’t have a DJ, put this on and you’re guaranteed to have a wild night. Download it for free (and legally) at

    New Releases:

    Fireworks – Bonfires: On December 9th, American pop-punk’s, Fireworks, are releasing a new digital EP. Earlier this year we sponsored their Australian tour, if you didn’t check them out then, give this a listen when it drops.



  • This is pretty awesome!

    Check out this new Macbeth tattoo Tyler from the band New Country just got. Tyler, we approve!

  • Coming Soon: Busy Schedule

    In true Macbeth fashion, we have anohter tasty lick of a video for you. Stay tuned to for information on where and when you can see it. Maybe we will even give you a chance to win the shoes from the video....



  • Product Highlight: The Holiday 2010 Black/Orange Collection

    For the Holiday 2010 we felt it most appropriate to give you a taste of a color that we haven't used here at Macbeth much, Orange. The Black/Orange collection grabs its inspiration from fall colors, along the the straight fact that orange is a badass color (when used right). Check out the Eliot Black/Orange and Wallister Black/Orange- they're VEGAN too!

    To purchase in the US, click HERE

    To purchase in the EU/UK, click HERE

  • Random Fun: A quick lesson in snowboarding...

    Want to know exactly why Anton Gunnarsson is a member of the Macbeth family? Watch him f%&*ing killing it, in his part for Nitro Snowboard's video Turn On Tune out Drop in!
    After watching that you will know that Anton is quite clearly crazy... to see what else he gets up to inbetween jumping off slopes and buildings visit his website "I Hate Myself.. F*&k I'm Blogging!"

  • Aliens Exist...

    It looks like Tom was correct all along... today NASA announced that

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